The Need for Frequent Pool Cleaning and Chemical Balancing at an Apartment Complex

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In some cities, apartment complex owners and managers have a lot of competition from other rental properties. Even if an outdoor swimming pool wouldn’t be used year-round, having this feature installed will attract renters who would otherwise choose a different place to live. The owner or manager will want to contract with one of the area Pool Cleaning and Repair Services to keep the chemicals balanced, the water free of debris, and the equipment running smoothly.

Additional features for the swimming pool area also can help encourage prospective renters to choose this residence over a different one with a pool. Some features will probably mean a need for more frequent cleaning by technicians from a company like BENchmark Pool Services.

Swim-Up Bar

This feature includes some barstools in the water and a bar or countertop at the edge of the pool. A swim-up bar does not necessarily serve alcohol. However, having a place where swimmers can lounge and enjoy a soft drink or some chips while not even getting out of the water is an increasingly popular amenity.

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Additional pool cleaning services may be put on the schedule. It’s almost inevitable that some of the beverages or snacks get spilled into the water during the course of the week.

Lounge Ledge

A lounge ledge, also called a tanning ledge or Baja shelf, is a raised area in the pool that creates a place with shallow water where furniture is placed. People can relax on chaise lounges with the pool water just barely touching them, or they can sit on a lawn chair under an umbrella while having their feet and ankles in the refreshing water.

Residents using a swimming pool for several hours a day are likely to relax on the deck or on this ledge, using sunscreen or tanning oil. It’s impossible to expect everyone to shower every single time they get back in the water. Checking and adjusting the chemical balance of the pool water should be done frequently when multiple people use it regularly.

Evening Hours

Adding sufficient lighting to the area allows residents and their guests to swim into the late evening hours. They appreciate the chance to get exercise and socialize at their convenience, which often is after a day’s work. Again, this means more people in the pool for more hours every week. Property owners may want to check out the website to learn more about one particular organization that cleans, maintains, and repairs pools.

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